4 April 2020

Grand National 2020 - part 3

Grand National 2020 - part 3
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Uffington Village News 4 April 2020

Grand National 2020 - the Result
Apologies again to those who are wondering what is going on; this is the last one on this subject. I hope that you did not take it too seriously, but found it a bit of fun on a sunny afternoon.  

The result:
Place Horse Jockey (s)
The winner Potters Corner Sarah Wainwright and Jenny Middleton (to share 10% of the take)
2nd Walk in the Mill Susie Oldnall and Dougie Dalrymple (to share 5% of the take)
3rd Any Second Now Valerie Foster (3% of the take)
In order to make these pay outs, please let me have your wagers – you can see that I will never make a bookie. Either:

Cash in an envelope marked with your name and the amount to South Paddock House, Woolstone Road – 30 m from the Museum on the Woolstone Road.

OR, by bank transfer to:
Sort code 16 – 00 – 38 (this is a Royal Bank of Scotland account, in my name, SJM Jenkins)
Account no: 30056164.  (Please include a reference to show who it has come from).

Please try to get all this done by Tuesday 7 April next week. If the amount promised comes in, and after paying out as above, there should be £400 to donate to NHS Charities Together. I will let you know once that payment has been made.  

Finally, Chris Butler's black labrador Otto has been found.

Grand National part 2

Grand National part 2
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Uffington Village News 4 April 2020

Grand National 2020 - the Draw
Apologies to all those wondering what this is about.

The runners and riders for the 5.15 on ITV are attached here:  https://mcusercontent.com/c90a1a7b6d1f693a28c947f92/files/2202c8f6-ed38-4ab5-8443-506e93d1437c/Grand_national_draw.pdf
(So many people have responded that some horses have 2 jockeys).  Due to the requirements of social distancing, Marcus Armytage and Luke Harvey were not able to accept our invitation to supervise the draw, but it was done totally fairly in our kitchen – see attached:

I will follow up with another e-mail after the race, with the results and the guidance for handing over the cash!

Grand National 2020

Grand National 2020
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Uffington Village News 4 April 2020

Sweepstake on the Virtual Grand National 2020
I thought that I might try this, to see if we could get a moment of light relief from the troubles around us. Its also a test of how closely you watch your e-mails!
The runners are attached here:  https://mcusercontent.com/c90a1a7b6d1f693a28c947f92/files/0973c328-9d08-43c3-8d3d-59a0f383b8e4/Grand_national_runners.pdf
The rules:
If you wish to participate, send me a return e-mail to this address; mailchimp@uffington.net
saying you much you would like to wager by 4.00 pm this afternoon. Minimum bet £5.00
Joanna and I will put the names of the runners into a hat, draw them out before 5.00pm (race starts at 5.15pm on ITV) and allocate them to those who have responded.
If we get more than 40 participating, horses may have more than one supporter.
No money yet; I will send another e-mail with the results after the race and at that point ask you to transfer the money to my personal bank account, or drop cash off at our house, and liaise with those in the money once we know the total actually received.   
Pay Out: 10% of the total actually received to the winner(s) – shared if necessary, 5% to the second horse and 3% to the third. The balance to go to the NHS. This can be done through Virgin's money giving platform.

If this all goes pear-shaped, then I will not ask for any money! 

3 April 2020

Village news and Coronavirus update 3 April 2020

Village news and Coronavirus update 3 April 2020
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Uffington Village News 3 April 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – information for all
UBW Support Group. Volunteers from the Support Group remain available to assist as needed, particularly for those self-isolating for medical or other reasons.  Any queries, please contact your local volunteer, Mike Oldnall or myself.
Collection of prescriptions. Tina Monk's volunteers can collect prescriptions if you are unable to get them yourself, if you are in the over 70s or vulnerable categories. Call Tina on 01367 820878. Please note that Faringdon and Shrivenham medical supplies are still going smoothly, although prescription renewal waits are just starting to edge up, but the Lloyds pharmacy in Wantage at Mably Way is more difficult, so allow 2 weeks if your prescription is there, or use Boots if possible.
If you are collecting yourself, allow more time than usual for the prescription to be prepared, and also for the queue – on a one in, one out basis.
From the Vale. COVID-19 Update. Our District Cllr Nathan Boyd last night sent an update as to where we are currently at district level on COVID-19 plans, with a "Visual" of the chain of command structure from our local villages right up to COBRA and Downing Street. It contains lots of detail on the support arrangements for individuals and businesses. There are several pages to the update and I have copied it to a pdf and attached it here:  https://mcusercontent.com/c90a1a7b6d1f693a28c947f92/files/71f71c35-a5c1-42f6-9acf-368a7d3f38f0/Vale_COVID_update_2.4.20.pdf
Also attached is the Command and Control structure here:  https://mcusercontent.com/c90a1a7b6d1f693a28c947f92/files/25e23f09-c20e-43b8-9b0a-95df7b070286/Vale_Command_and_Control_Structure_March_2020.pdf
And a document called Practical Infection Control Guidance, here:  https://mcusercontent.com/c90a1a7b6d1f693a28c947f92/files/e70872b0-6147-449c-a8c4-2b86d4f5df6c/Vale_Practical_infection_control_guidance_002_.pdf
South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils are committed to supporting all local businesses affected by COV-ID 19. See:  http://www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/news/2020/2020-03/south-and-vale-district-councils-launch-online-form-help-businesses-access-governm
Kerbside collections of small electrical items, textiles and batteries are suspended. See: http://www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/news/2020/2020-04/kerbside-collections-small-electrical-items-textiles-and-batteries-suspended
From the Police
I understand that this is a difficult and worrying time for a lot people as we all make significant adjustments to our daily lives to follow the measures set out by the government. These measures have been put in place to stop the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.  You will be aware that the police were given new powers to help reinforce these measures and whilst these are an option to us, we will only use them as a last resort. Officers will routinely be stopping members of the public and vehicles to ensure the Government's advice is being adhered to so please don't be alarmed if you are stopped and work with us if you are told to return home.

This current climate offers up a lot of uncertainty which can make people feel anxious, unsettled and fearful but I want to reassure you that my team and I are still policing your communities, responding to emergencies as well as effecting the Government's restrictions to stay inside and only go out in very specific circumstances.  I can assure you that all police officers and staff are extremely grateful for the consideration they are being shown and are increasingly motivated to keep you safe and secure in such unprecedented times. To offer my reassurance to you we are being extremely well guided and supported by a central team of dedicated officers and staff to ensure we have the flexibility and ability to adapt to our local policing needs. 

By continuing to stay home, you can protect the NHS and save lives. Thank you again to the residents of South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse for your co-operation during these challenging times. Useful information and advice:

For more information on the Government's restrictions, please visit the GOV.UK website

You can find a number of frequently asked questions and a message from Chief Constable John Campbell on our website

If you need to report anything to us that is not an emergency, you might experience some delays calling 101 so where possible report through the Thames Valley Police website. In an emergency always call 999. 

Covid19 Related Scams. Further to my recent note about new scams, an Uffington resident intercepted an attempted scam earlier this week. 'I    received a demand to renew my direct debit for a tv licence, purporting to come from a government website. It said my last payment had failed to go through and I was to pay this immediately and open a new direct debit otherwise the debt collectors would be contacting me.'
Other matters
Missing dog. From Chris Butler / Thomas in Baulking: Our black Labrador Otto, 9 years old and slim with greying muzzle has gone missing since yesterday early evening from Baulking Green. He has a brown leather collar but lost his tag. He is micro chipped. My mobile is 07711 119565
Uffington Community Garden presents
'Uffy sunflower summer 2020' – see flyer attached:  https://mcusercontent.com/c90a1a7b6d1f693a28c947f92/files/d2bf6c34-15e7-47ea-9c47-afc449507999/Sunflowers2_March_20.pdf
Spring newsletter from North Wessex Downs AONB. See: https://mailchi.mp/863d15156a29/newsletter-from-the-north-wessex-downs-aonb-3101489?e=731c075ba4
Uffington benefice
Please​ find attached the Weekly Sheet for Sunday 5th April:  https://mcusercontent.com/c90a1a7b6d1f693a28c947f92/files/b5d4c963-d0f5-4b85-97ea-f3a777825eaf/wsh_2020_04_05.pdf
  • If you are unable to access the link in the Weekly Sheet to take part in the Sunday service - you may need to type 'control' at the same time you click - the link is here: https://youtu.be/0U_Uh1rIu48 You will just see Uffington Church at the moment (and the donkey) but it will become live on Sunday at 10am.
  • The hymn link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-qDQSjnzH8
  • We have been working on a Padlet which will contain the service resources. Please click on this Padlet link (also in the Weekly Sheet) to see the service sheet, link to virtual service and prayers. The Padlet works as a web page and will be updated before each service with the resources for it. Once on the Padlet, if you click on the links, it will take you to the various documents or videos.
  • A Zoom link for the midweek Holy Communion will be sent out early next week.